Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion/Makeup Thursday

Top 5 makeup MUST HAVES:
Eye Shadow
Translucent Powder
Lip Stick/Lip Gloss

Concealer: Concealer is my FAVORITE makeup product. I carry it no matter where I go, and prefer to use this instead of a heavy foundation. I'm not sure about you but the last time I had perfect skin was when I was a baby, nowadays my face includes acne scars, blemishes, and the worst of all dark under eye circles. The touch of concealer does just that CONCEALS...and if not all the way far enough into the background where they're not noticeable. Create flawless skin with concealer. It comes in a variety of shades, and you want to make sure you find one that matches your skin tone, but is a shade lighter then your foundation. Choosing a concealer that is not your color will only make your skin look uneven, drawing attention to those imperfections that you are wanting to hide.

Eye Shadow: My favorite thing to do with my eyes is definitely a smoky eye, it's great for day and night. Unfortunately after a few hours the Eye Shadow does tend to fade away, causing us to have to play touch up; but did you know that with a Eye Primer your eye shadwo will last all day!? One of my favorite products is Urban Decay's Eye primer. [Eye shadow typically goes on the upper lid, all the way to the brow line, and is intended to highlight the eyes] Eye Shadow can come in many forms, pencil and cream form as well as powder, making it even more versatile. Skip the boring old pencil all together! and do your eyes up with a softer line that you can create from an eye shadow.

Translucent Powder: Your makeup should always look natural, not "made-up". Translucent Face Powder is a basic touch up that will help give your face a perfectly blended look. This is a product that I use on a regular basis, especially when wearing a more dramatic look. You just want to apply a light layer all over the face, which will help set your concealer as well as foundation.

Mascara: I am one who is either always on the go or likes to keep my look natural at all times, which means wearing fake lashes is out. HOWEVER, who ever said you have to wear fake lashes in order to achieve the dramatic lash looked....clearly told a [lie]. Depending on what you like, Mascara varies depending on which brand you purchase.  There are thinner mascaras with finer brushes for more natural looking lashes, and thicker versions with fat brushes for a more bold look. Another cool thing about mascara is that each tube is meant to do something different, no matter if its lengthen or thicken it usually will get the job done. A way you can tell which mascara is meant for you: Women with lighter hair and skin usually look most natural in brown shades, while darker hair and complexions often look best in the black spectrum.

Lip Stick/Lip Gloss: My favorite piece of makeup to own would definitely be my lip gloss and lip sticks. This is my MOST reapplied product due to eating and drinking. It is best to carry a lip balm, lipstick and a finishing gloss every day, and use them all. While lip gloss is meant for shine and a more glossy look, lip stick is meant for a more over all opaque look. Both products come in a numerous amount of colors, that are perfect for complimenting your wardrobe.

Tips on how to choose your perfect shade: Darker skin -- Almost anything goes. Try reds, plums, browns, oranges and pastels.
Medium skin -- Reds, berries and browns are good places to start.
Pale skin -- Try light pinks, nudes, beiges and corals.

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