Sunday, July 31, 2011

Come support a good cause!!

Come joing PRS walking for a good cause! Join our Team!----------->

AIDS Walk Colorado is a day-long event. Registration opens at 7:30am with the opening ceremony at 9:00am followed by the step off of the Run and Walk. After the Walk, join us back in Cheesman Park for the Celebration of Life Festival that includes panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, live music, great food, vendors, the Diva Dash Stiletto Fun Run, the CHEERS! Beer Garden and many more activities! 8/13/2011

Email us at for any questions!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fashion Tips for Denver rainy weather

Monsoon Makeup

What is with all this Denver rainy weather??????????
In monsoons, dense makeup has a risk of being smudged and washed out severely and so light and sheer makeup is more advisable. Use waterproof mascara, transfer-resistant lipsticks and waterproof liners and may even use waterproof foundation, if it is a must for you. Indian girls can put their 'kajal' (kohl) away until winters. Here are some tips to keep you pretty when it is raining cats and dogs:
  • Wash and cleanse the face thoroughly and rub an ice cube on your face for 5 to 10 minutes to lower the sweating rate so that the makeup stays put for longer period of time.
  • Women with oily skin can use astringent while women with dry to normal skin can use toner after the ice to cool and refresh the skin.
  • Avoid foundation and prepare the base of your makeup using powder slightly.
  • Sheer film of light brown, beige, pastel or pink cream eye shadow can be used along with a think line of eyeliner and use a coat or two of waterproof mascara.
  • Soft matte lipsticks are preferable to most ladies during monsoons but you may use a soft brown or pink shade with sheer gloss.
  • Do not neglect to use water-based moisturizers during rainy season to keep away the oily skin, acne and water loss due to perspiration and sweating.
  • Keep your hairstyles simple and easy. Elaborate hairstyles are more difficult to manage and redo and limp damp hair do not look good with them. You may use bangs and layered hairstyles instead.
  • Bright jewelry is in vogue during monsoons but this is the minimalist year, so you may opt for stone studded light jewelry.
  • If you must you blush, keep it light and blend it well. Cream blush in shades of pink, peach and brown can be used.
  • During this time, keep your eyebrows in shape with threading and hair gel for you cannot use eyebrow pencil during a downpour.
  • Wash you hair regularly and massage your scalp regularly to keep dandruff and other hair problems out of your way.
  • Denims are not for monsoons; wear light cotton fabrics, capri pants and three fourths.
  • Umbrellas and raincoats are also in fashion. Buy some in cheerful happy colors.
  • White and light colors can easily get muddy, so avoid them.
  • Throw your leather booths and high heels at the back and wear sneakers and sandals.

Motivational Music

This life can make me so confused but it's alright
Living day by day I feel so used that ain't right
I just wanna run and hide
I don't have the time to cry it's alright (it's alright)

Many thoughts are running through my head, it's alright
Wishing to be somewhere else but here, it's alright
I can't wait to see your face
I need a smile and your embrace, and I'm alright

Life can bring us through many changes
Just don't give up
It's gonna be alright
People come and they go
It's just the way that it goes

Sometime the rain it makes me sad and it's alrightSome things in the world make me mad and it's alright
In the morning when I see the sun I know I'm not the only one
It's alright

Wish I had some money to pay my bills
I can't even buy that dress on sale but it's alright
Having money don't mean a thing
Loving you is everything
I'm alright

(life can bring us through many changes
Just don't give up
It's gonna be alright
People come and they go
That's just the way that it goes)

Everything is everything
It's alright

[ From: ] - ledis singing "Alright"

Sista Soul

Making time for yourself

As a woman, we tend to support and care for the world. It comes as no surprise, most women are mothers, enterpernuers, dedicated workers and sometimes all of the above. Like myself, a full weeks schedule seems like I have things under control and mapped down to a science until other spontanious things pop up. Then the overwhelming feeling starts to rise and becoming emotional drained is bound to happen. I have found that for peace of mind the balance comes from scheduling time for yourself.

If nothing more to clear your mind and just to maintain sanity. lol One of my girlfriends told me she doesnt know what she likes to do and was having a hard time finding something to do when she set time aside for herself. Well, if any other women struggle with the same issues here is an execise by Jan Hornford on Prioritizing your time. Write down your anwsers to the questions and begin to take action towards a more balanced journey.
Jan Hornford is a Life Coach & Retreat Leader whose passion is to help individuals re-connect with their own wisdom and power and to support them to create the life they want.

How could it be a gift to others to take time for yourself?
What would it take to make time for yourself a priority?
What activities bring you joy or nurture you?
What is keeping you from doing the things that energize and inspire you?
How can you bring more of these simple treats into your day?


Take Action Commit to doing one activity from the list you created each day for the next week.

Each day take 5 minutes for yourself. Find a quiet place where you can sit and not be disturbed. Close your eyes and simply follow the path of your breath. Just focus on your breath. If other thoughts come in, just let them go. If you find this difficult at first, then focus on repeating the affirmation "I am happy and peaceful". Quieting your mind and body and focusing on the breath will help to change your emotional state and provide your soul with a peaceful respite from the busyness of your day.

Time for yourself does not have to take half a day or come at someone else's expense. In fact, taking the time to replenish and nurture yourself will give you more energy and you will be better able to support those you love. It is often the simple things that can make the biggest difference. For example, sitting in your favorite chair and sipping a cup of tea, going for a walk, or listening to your favorite music.

I encourage you to carve out 15 minutes for yourself each day to do something that nurtures you and brings you joy. Try it as an experiment for one week and see what changes for you. Reclaim your Self! When you do, you will experience a sense of peace, renewal, and connection.

Sista Soul

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Managing Your Money

Over the years I've worked pretty decent jobs that pay pretty well, and as of today I still have a pretty good job that pays better then most, however I still NEVER saved.

I'm not quite sure what has come over me, but lately "Saving Money" and "Living on a Budget" has been my new favorite thing. I've cut back on my bad eating habits, and when I go shopping, instead of hitting up the trendy Forever 21's and H&M first..I run over to my local Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's to see what I can find.