Sunday, July 10, 2011

Managing Your Money

Over the years I've worked pretty decent jobs that pay pretty well, and as of today I still have a pretty good job that pays better then most, however I still NEVER saved.

I'm not quite sure what has come over me, but lately "Saving Money" and "Living on a Budget" has been my new favorite thing. I've cut back on my bad eating habits, and when I go shopping, instead of hitting up the trendy Forever 21's and H&M first..I run over to my local Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's to see what I can find.

Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect, lately I've been addicted to a Wendy's double stack & caesar side - salad..and even though it only cost's $2.00 and some change, it still adds up..

Here are some ways that have helped me along the way w/ saving my money:
1. Pay your tithes:
This is SO IMPORTANT. Paying your tithes...even when you feel like this might break you in the beginning, in the log run it will be worth it. The bible says 10%, which is what I try to pay, but anything is better then nothing. Give back what God has given to you.
2. Two seperate bank accounts:
This gets rid of the urge of wanting to transfer money over from your savings and allows you to keep track of bill money vs. spending money.
3. Paying larger bills first and smaller bills last:
When paying my bills, I usually try to pay my Car Payment, Car Insurance, and Rent at the beginning of the month, leaving me with just my Cell Phone bill at the end of the month. Leaving me with a lump sum of money to put in savings and pay myself.
4. Monitoring your spendings:
I keep a little book called a "bank register" and this helps me to keep track of my spendings as well as earnings, and tranfers.
5. Take your lunch to work:
This one is HUGE, w/ my current job some days I work from home other days I am in the office, this helps with not wanting to go out and by fast-food. Try taking your lunch 2 - 3 times out of the week instead of buying fast food 5 days a week. You will soom see the difference in your wallet. Also, choose a designated day that you want to eat out.

6. No More Starbucks!:
Starbucks rapes me I swear, when I look at my bank statements online and I see how many Caramel Frappuccino's I've purchased within a month, I lose my mother-freaking mind. STOP BUYING COFFEE on the go, make it at home.
7. Set Goals:
Not only am I worried about saving my money, I'm also trying to tone up! As much as I hate working out, using the gym as a goal setter makes buying those heels that I love "oh so much" a lot easier when I see a pair that I want. Make a goal, and meet it, your reward will be something that you've been eye stalking every time you go to the mall or that perfect purse you saw online at your favorite store.

That's all I have for now...any other new idea's that I come up w/ I'll be sure to do an update!! - By: Nadia

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