Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Choosing Your Battles Wisely

As an education consultant who spends 8hrs per day calling those who requested information on the specific school that I work for, I have to tell you that a lot of times it can become a bit infuriating.
I never go into a position thinking that I am going to learn anything besides what I can place on my resume, but lately I’ve noticed that my job could possibly be teaching me how to tolerate people more and keep my composure instead of “lashing out”. J
In my past, I have dealt with situations that have brought the bad out of me; even when I tried to ignore it, I seemed to always get to a point where I felt like “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and I was forced to come out of my “character”.
I cannot tell you how many times a day I am told “Stop calling me!”, in the upmost rudest way that it still shocks me, and even when I would LIKE to say something…for the sake of trying to KEEP my job, I simply reply with “I’ll make a note of that, have a good day!” if only LIFE situations were that easy to where I could easily say “Thank you, have a good day!” and keep it moving.
The point that I am trying to make is, in LIFE we must choose our battles wisely. If I took every call looking to curse out the FIRST person who lashes out at me for calling them one too many times, I can guarantee! that I would be OUT of a job right now.  
Nowadays my LIFE battles consist of working hard for what I want, and making sure I choose the right decisions for myself. Anything else that has no relevance I simply try to ignore it, but remember I too am human.
Think of every LIFE battle as something that will be in your best interests, INSTEAD of something that could possible hurt you. The key to keeping your composure and NOT always looking for a fight is considering thinking about what you’re fighting over, and realizing if it is worth it, instead of acting out on impulse .
Key Tip: Pray and ask God to be SLOW to anger, blessing you with patience and strength to avoid those who may be trying to bring turmoil into your life, or any other situations that could possibly strike a nerve in you.
By: Nadia

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  1. Choosing your battles wisely is definately a good way to avoid escalation unnecessary stress! You can't win them all...so why fight them all!! Love the posts, please keep it comin ladies!!