Sunday, November 14, 2010

Denver Rescue Mission

All of our alarms rang this morning at 4 AM.......Today 5 of us went down to the Denver Rescue Mission and served the homeless. Needless to say we had a wonderful time especially knowing that we made a difference in about 200 persons in the Denver Metro Area. Upon arriving we walked past around 15 people sleeping in sleeping bags in the below 20 degree weather on the sidewalk.. as we were gasping in amazement one rose and said good morning ladies! We responded and proceeded to go into the mission to help prepare food for breakfast. With jokes and appreciation for all the blessings we have we were able to really enjoy our time. We at PRS encourage you to volunteer in your community! They need your help and someone may be touched by your smile or a kind word. We HAVE to stick together. We also must be THANKFUL for the things we have and not take things for granted.....God bless!

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