Friday, November 12, 2010

All the Sinlge Ladies! Part 1

So your Single eh?

Many of us have been frustrated and jealous of other happy couples and just want to find the man we were meant for. We feel left out and left with no hope of finding our soul mate. Dating can be exhausting and it can get old very quick, and there are lonely times where we all have given up one of our greatest desires. In those times we should find it essential to surround ourselves with all the blessings in our lives and refocus our life and thought processes. It is time to get out in the RIGHT places, take calculated risks and focus on what we are blessed with.

The fact is that being single is not a disease. It is not an epidemic or a virus. When people ask you “your such a nice pretty girl why aren’t you married”? Or if you start dating someone the question usually is so when is the wedding? You’re getting married right? Or when people say (usually married people) just hang in there he is right around the corner, maybe you should get out more or try on-line? The initial reaction is to either cry or be very angry. I say that we come up with a conditioned answer to people’s pressuring questions. We can be happy right here where we are. Society says that single girls are the outcast and we should feel sorry for them. Uhhh No, it is time to change this view!

We don’t owe anyone ANY explanation of where we are in life. I have come across too many sad single women recently not to bring this up. It is essential we live our lives no matter what the circumstance, and focus on what we do have! Yes, there will always be lonely times, emotional monthly times, chick flicks, girls nights with men talk, and day dreaming of the men we are meant to be with. I am in no way stating that I have mastered all of this but I am learning as we all are and enjoying my life. I am excited to meet Mr. Right, and I am excited to live my life. So ladies here is a little encouragement and food for thought for the modern single lady J Enjoy


Life doesn't start officially at 20 or 30 or 40. Life starts today!!! Life doesn’t start after you get married, or when you finally get pregnant, or when you buy a house, or when you are healed, or when you land your dream job. No, you can live life to the full now. Be encouraged to enjoy where you are in life right now, you are here for a reason!!

We can do so many things that our married friends cannot do however, let’s make it clear that marriage is a wonderful thing and will be enjoyed when it comes! I deeply want to be married and have a family, but right now is not the time for me. The focus in my life is me Deidra, and bettering myself and soul searching. I will continue these things as I see fit when I am with my future husband as well and find the balance that is necessary in a relationship. Ladies PRS is not a men bashing club at all. In fact we applaud all the great men out there because we know they exist! We are simply encouraging single women to live life, until we meet the one we are meant to be with J

 Like I said, this is time to be selfish in a way and figure out who we really are and what we want out of life. When we are in a relationship our focus shifts to completely off of us, to both of us, and bettering ourselves and our relationship. Once we stop looking for love and take a step back and re-focus life tends to run a bit smoother. Whatever happen will! Yes we have control over our destiny and have free will, but we also are sending out the desperate vibe to the potential candidates, which is not attractive. Confidence and a positive attitude and outlook is key, you are beautiful!

After the many pity parties that we throw ourselves over being single we need to realize that it isn't what we do or don't have that ultimately makes us happy or unhappy. It is how we approach those "barren" times that is the key to living a full life. We are not bound by your circumstances. However, we can let circumstances keep us bound, causing us to wallow in self pity or to blame others for our ill fate, but ultimately we don't have to answer to our circumstances, because they don't define who we are or what we will become. Our success or failure does not depend on where we are in life right now.

Stop and enjoy a beautiful sunset, the ocean, the mountains, the moon, the stars, a rainbow. Embrace the Creator of the universe. Embrace the beauty of His creation, His magnitude, His greatness, His love. Embrace life, knowing the creator has a plan even when you don’t always understand it or see it. Embrace His Word when life doesn’t make sense.

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