Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colorado Aids Walk

Colorado Aids Walk

PRS was well represented August 13th and joined by two new PRS Members and our favorite Denver minister Cameron Moore! We had a blast from 7:30 AM to 9AM just talking and enjoying ourselves and getting to know eachother more. We were the group that had the most fun however… we danced and laughed and laughed some more J

PRS is really coming alive and starting to make an impact in the community and that was the goal. To bring women and actually all people in general on a positive note. While embracing every aspect of the individual and creating a support system that is real and drama-free.

At the walk there were many big organizations represented and each team had a common color or shirt to stand for their organization. We of course wore purple! It was so amazing seeing so many people come together for such a good cause. We ended up raising $275 towards the cost and raising awareness for this disease. Our original goal was $100! Please join us at our September event where we will go to the Denver Rescue Mission and serve the less fortunate…

Thakn you to all of you who participated in the walk and we look forward to many more times :-)

Email us at to get on our mailing list!

We finally crossed the finish line! It felt like the walk was 100 miles because it was so hot out but we made it!!!

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